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function at the junction : a northern soul short film


it’s been a week (and more!) of northern soul brilliance at ireallylovemusic hq.

which given i am a genre neophyte means i have to rely on easily available compilations as opposed to tracking down the original 7” as that would be just insane.

wouldn’t it ?

thankfully, i have a complete set of the $tateside talcum soul compilations, the after hours 3cd set, and a few others to keep my soundsystem in the groove for a while.

anyway, a friend lent me her dvd copy of this weekend, and it put a massive smile on my hungover face, so i call that a result.

then i found it online and so now you too can rejoice in the brilliance.

there are so many standout parts :

the dj (paul kaye), the doorman, the speedfreak, the dancing, and of the course, the music.

one of the most wonderful genres of music ever.

just sit back and enjoy.


function at the junction from justin mcardle on vimeo.