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the lords of altamont – lords take altamont




biker friendly ?


tattoo friendly ?


garage rock and roll ?


awesome ?

f*ck yes.

having picked up this bands last couple of albums purely on the artwork alone, i was genuinely hyped to hear that this los angeles band  have a new album out in 2014.

then when i heard that the album was to consist of cover versions of the infamous festival that the band have lifted their name from i was somewhat concerned.

well, i am concerned no more.

the album is immense.

consisting of 14 tracks of full throttle garage rock and roll cover versions of songs that were featured in the festival, the result is never short of full throttle sonic excess.

yes, the lords of the altamont may have been through a few (few !!?) personnel changes over the years, as confirmed in the the inner sleeve that comes with the cd edition, but, the fact remains that the preacher, ( aka  jake cavaliere) the tattoo heavy lead singer, knows how to form a band that can recreate his ongoing quest for old school f*cked up garage rock and roll.

and, damn, he has achieved this with the latest incarnation.

bottom line is : this is easily my favourite album of the year to date.

i genuinely don’t think anything will surpass this 45 minutes of dirty guitars, sleazy hammond riffs, and go-go girl backing vocals for sheer enjoyment value this year.

however, will the band ever get a chance to hit their groove in the uk ?

i may not be religious, but i will continue to pray to the preacher, as you never know.

only time will tell if my prayers will be answered.

more detail : here