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pop will eat itself – funk fifa (beat knicker remix)



what is it about pop will eat itself and era defining football based anthems ?

graham crabb has been doing an amazing job over the last couple of years reviving the pwei groove, however, as i was under the impression it was all full on n.i.n styled industrial i have stayed away.

that said, i am still looking forward to seeing them in a couple of months as part of the ireallylovemusic vs camp bestival 2014 chaos.

however, this is not industrial.

no no no.

this is old school sample heavy pop will eat itself.

if an old jimmy ‘bo’ horne loop can provide the funk for stereo mcs, then fuck it, why cant pwei rip in the mans catalogue as well.

after all, the world can never have enough of jimmy ‘bo’ horne.

the result is this slice of crowd pleasing funk and shout outs.

in other words, a pop will eat itself classic.

more detail : here