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the john moore rock and roll trio – roll your activator


for those that don’t know, john moore used to be in :
the jesus and mary chain.
the john moore and the expressway
black box recorder
(with sarah nixey/luke haines)
and various others.
however, tonights love is all about his 2012 rock-n-roll revival album under the guise of :
the john moore rock and roll trio (featuring the loose moorelles)
apparently he had a few free days in john leckies studio and so quickly put a band together including indie hero (lush/earl brutus/j&mc etc) Philip KIng and bashed out an album within the time allocated.
the result is a raw, pedal to the metal slice of old school rock-n-roll covers set.
no soft grooves here, just 13 tracks of dirty back to the roots guitars, bass and drums.
the result in one sleazy brilliant album, that fans of the original  dr feelgood would love.
if rock-n-roll is all about elvis and sun recordings to you, then steer clear of this, as it’s just too nasty and damn gut shaking.
the boundaries of the recordings feel similar.
in other words, no computers, no overdubs, just raw in the studio band grooves, and therefore proves just how close 60s garage (as compiled on the classic nuggets collection) was to the roots of rock-n-roll, as opposed to the radio friendly watered down version that was distributed via the airwaves.
the result is one of the best covers albums ever.
simple as that.
if to you rock and roll = dirty. sleazy. spine shaking. raw, then this is seriously an album you need to source.
if however, rock and roll = cliff richard, then move on honey, this party aint for you.
more detail : here