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ireallylovemusic vs the world : 2013 edition

hell.o one and all.

i am very aware that this blog is for the most part a ghost town with dust dogs and shadow disturbing rattling bones, however, that does not mean i no longer love music.

no. no. no.

if anything music has become even more important in recent times.

however, the fact is for the majority of time it’s not about the music of today that appeals.

it’s music that you would have never have associated with the noise loving, dirty electronica worshipping freakoid of a few years back.

oh no.

hence my dilemma.

do i continue with ireallylovemusic albeit in a new direction, or quietly let the dust settle and step away.

well, having given it a lot of thought over the last few months i have come to a decision.

all will be revealed once i get my head around the new direction.

in the meantime, here’s a little background as to what’s going on :


mark e