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seems to be a bit of a buzz growing around this new band with love being expressed all over the wire from the quietus, to the nme all giving space to this gang before a single has been released.

and from the opening blast of noise on offer, i too could be on course to fall for this band.

the look, the sound, the old scratched to f*ck video, and the tune, all tick many of my needs.

yes, it’s derivative in the sonics, but in 2013, this reverting back to guitars/fuzz/black leather/reverb/feedback could be just what’s required for the next red wine fuelled session @ ireallylovemusic hq.

of course, it could all go to pot with the release of their next track when they reveal that in fact they are secret mumford and sons fans, but hey, until then, let’s just watch that moustachioed freaky brother do his thing, while a velvet underground loving drummer lets rip in the background.


more detail : here – -  facebook