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davids – 0631ep





tracklisting :

iranians, buried in cocaine, dead walkie, right on, conduits, walesa/sad dealer (music for credits)


i like this.

an ep of wide ranging, well produced electronic pop.

from late night sensual moods, to more intense industrial noise.

due to the excellent use of space and dynamics, the opening track, iranians, of this debut ep from the mysterious davids reminds me of the wide open sounds of circlesquare, hence i was drawn into hearing the rest on offer.

this excellent opener is then followed by a discarded favourite of the kitsune brigade, buried in cocaine, with its juddering filtered/distorted synths, and uffie style vocals. thankfully, the worn out distressed chaotic sonic excess styles are in the minority here, as it’s when the band pull back into the shadows of the dancefloor, and watch the world go buy at arms length, as opposed to having an attention grabbing teenage tantrum that things are most interesting.

the peter hook styled bassline that underpins dead walkie is a nice touch and compliments the chillwaved out vocals in fine style, leading the listener into a false sense of calm, as this is then followed by, right on, a front 242 styled beast of hard edge beats and simplistic synths and slogan infused rants.

however, from hereon the listener is treated to ear candy of the highest order. the 80s electro-pop of conduit, to the synthetic ambience of the closing instrumental, watsa/sad dealer.

all in all this is a cracking debut ep.

a little disjointed in styles maybe, but there is no denying that behind davids is someone who knows how to get the best of the machines.

video : dead walkie

more detail : here