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the week that was ..

ok, i realise the blog has been quiet of late.

the reasons are simple – i have been busy : parenting + work + hangover + emo chaos
life takes its toll.
however, in this modern world of downloads vs old school f*ckers like me, i like to be able to prove that the silver disc still has its place.
so, here is an example of how far a wallet busting £10 went this week :
emerson, lake & palmer – s/t (remastered edition)
emereson, lake and palmer – tarkus (remastered edition)
nina simone – silk & soul (remastered legacy edition)
hollie cook – hollie cook (2011 cd produced by prince fatty)
the key – fit me in ( rev-ola reissue of late 1970s lost classic)
the result is a power house of brilliance and unexpected sonics.
from prog excess, to soul/jazz perfection, via laid back old school reggae and 70s yacht rock.
ok, i know all this is available via your various streaming sites, but the fact is, i love the randomness of the search.
i love the discovery.
i love the tactile nature of the hunt.
i love the unexpected treats
(i have been wanting to hear the hollie cook album since its release, but have never seen it in the racks,. and as for elp, well, i just knew at some point i would fall under their spell at some point)
as i have said before : f*ck a download.
mark e