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london grammar – metal and dust



so, there i am following up on an email from a well respected source, loving the logo, and the sublime deep grooves thinking, ‘oh yes, this is new, and one for me to tell people about’

then i check the stats on the song : over 100k listens.

as is often the case, i’m way behind the curve, so much so that this track has been featured on high profile radio one shows and such like, but it matters not, as this debut track from london grammar is really rather lovely with its combination of late night trip hop moods, and sultry vocals.

during the 5th stream, my teenkid walks in the west wing, asks who it is, i tell him, to which he casually responds :

‘oh, these guys are playing at this years camp bestival festival’.

joyous news – as the ireallylovemusic crew have already got their names on some tix, meaning i now have one more reason to be full of excitement.

in the meantime, if you are not able to track down this slice of pop brilliance on the all too necessary very limited 7”, then i do believe it is now available via itunes.

highly recommended.

more detail : official – – camp bestival.