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the pre new : perfect place (the parktown prawn premix)


PRENEW homeowners colourway 500x500 avatar


having released one of the best albums of last year, music for people who hate themselves, the pre new kick off their next stage of audio chaos with the release of a “pre mix” album, music for homeowners.

as mentioned over at the quietus, (here), the album is a mutated version of remixes, re-written tracks and suchlike.

this revision is out next week via itunes, but here is a rather special sneaky peak behind the curtain to whet your appetite.

featuring sarah cracknell (saint etienne) on cold disconnected vocals, the parktown prawn premix is very different to the original with hard industrial electro beats, vocoder excess, and an atmosphere of clinical fear against which sarah insists that her world of ikea sanctioned consumerism makes for ‘a perfect place’.

the result is a creep’d out slice of pop perfection.

mp3 : the pre new – perfect place (the parktown prawn premix)

more detail : here