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earl brutus : teenage taliban (unreleased final recording)

this is special.

very very special.

the final recording made by earl brutus, and never before released.

while some of you may have heard the story that most of the lads from earl brutus got together under the guise union jackson, to make a cover version of lieutenant pigeons chart topping 70s pub rocker anthem, mouldy old dough, there was one other track recorded that never made it to the white label state.

here’s the story behind the bands final recording as recently explained to ireallylovemusic by phil king :

“we recorded it round at jim reid’s using his digital 8 track. ben from the the mary chain engineered it.
jim fry’s vocal was a guide vocal as you can probably tell.
ben ended up moving back to australia soon after taking a lot of the equipment with him  – drum machine & recording equipment – so nick never got round to putting his vocal down.
it’s a shame as it’s a killer song – and still very topical almost 10 years later.

of course, as has been revealed via youtube, the post-earl brutus setup, the pre new, have revisited this song and given it much deserved new lease of life, but here is the fuzzed up to the max blistering original version.


mp3 : earl brutus – teenage taliban

more detail : the pre new – – interview