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sarah nixey vs freelance hellraiser : brave tin lovers

a couple of years ago, sarah nixey stepped out of the shadows of her wickedly seductive electro-pop days with black box recorder and released a wonderful solo album on service av records, sing memory.

now, with service av on hiatus, sarah has gone the whole hog and set up her own new record label, black lead records, through which she will release a new album, brave tin soldiers.

now, i’ve not heard the album, so can’t yet comment, but i have a sneaky remix of the albums title track by freelance hellraiser, who instead of doing the usual dance floor monster treatment, has been digging in his archives, and found a very sensual mood that matches sultry sarahs vocals rather well.

now, i suspect this is all based upon a well known source, but until recent times, 80s quiet storm grooves didn’t really make an impact on yours truly, however, this is an excellent mood enhancer.

this one is definitely for a loved up late night with a partner of your choosing.

mp3 : sarah nixey vs freelance hellraiser – brave tin lovers

more detail : here – – sarah nixey