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mixtape monday madness

bored with the monday blues ?

want some jump up electro’d up pop jams ?

well, strange as it seems there are people out there providing all manner of goodness for you.

famous pop star type people.

first up is mia who has released a new mixtape, vicki leekx while it may not be as much fun as her last official mixtape, piracy funds terrorism, (which i ended up listening to a lot more than anything she released properly), its a fine blast of spiky beats, digital noise, and mia’s own particular way with words.

next up is kid sister who is getting love from well respected areas of the wire, but yet to have that media overload crisis, or crossover hit a la m.i.a.

there are those who would like to suggest that it’s only a matter of time.

however, prior to such possibilities, she has released a 13 track mixtape, kiss kiss kiss, put together by mashup/bootleg maestro, nick catchdubs, so you can make up your own mind.

more detail : mia – vicki leekx – – kid sister – kiss kiss kiss