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curve – rising (fsol headspace mix)

i don't think it comes as any surprise to anybody who has dug around these dusty corridors on the web, but you put noisy treated guitars over steady drum beats (real or machine made, preferably the latter), add vocals by a girl who has a tendency to wear a lot of black, and i'm going to quickly sign on the 'call me a fan' line.

of course, the current inception of this blueprint is flykkiller from whom more is to be expected as the year progresses.

however, one of the primary causes for this template is of course, curve. 

the doubling up of the cool as fuck vocals by goth vamp toni halliday, and the machine assisted clatter and strum constructed by dean garcia and flood was a recipe made in the dark crystal, and a blinding light of excellence for those of us who chanced upon their beautifully structured noise.

the initial eps, and debut album, doppelganger,  were nothing short of a revelation, but the times were against them (the love of baggy beats and acid house dominated in '91), the duo lost the spark, only for a bunch of seasoned studio hacks to realise that such a style of technology enhanced goth rock could in fact be a very profitable entity, hence the creation of the band known as garbage.

anyway, as todays groove was all about curve, garbage (yes, i like them despite their formulaic approach), and the opportunistic attempts by danny wilson songsmith gary clark under the guise of  transistor, i thought i'd dig out this remix by future sound of london and pass it on as it's rather good.

the layers of processed guitars have been stripped back to make way for swollen digital samples, some edgy drama, and plenty of those ethereal vocals that made their own papua new guinea track such a classic. given that the remix was released in '93 the sonic connections to the ambient-techno classic lifeforms album are very clear for all to hear, but hey, just kick back for 9 minutes and let the sound just wash over you.

it's time (once again) to lie down and be counted.

more detail : here