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the strange dreams of paul white

when it comes to hip hop, i have always been a listener that follows the production as opposed to the microphone fiend.

this has meant in recent times with the rise of personality lead albums which are produced by a variety of folks do little for me.

not only that, but when the gangsta crap and dr dre styled loops kicked in all those years ago, i kicked out.

yeah, i’m a back packing indie hip hop old-kid, and proud of it.

well i should perhaps qualify that statement.

i used to be an indie back packer fan, but such tags are no longer valid given that i have not listened to a hip hop album all the way through in over 12 months.

all of which leads me to paul white.

i got tipped off a couple of weeks ago about paul, but due to the chaos that is my life, let it sleep and thought no more about it.

that is until a few days ago when i received an mail out pointing me to the mans website.

i was caught off guard with a break in the flow, so hit the button.


funk filled twisted head bumping beats and sample overload.

so, a quick dispatch of the cd-r from the connected people, and i’m bumping the fun and loving it.

i’ll be the first to admin, its nothing new, just a revised update on dj shadows early experiments [though with an added dash of humour], matched up with some snippets of melodic joy that reference the history of music.

clearly this is a brief 21 track showcase release that paul is hoping to

– either attract lawyers and get lots of press attention

– bounce off this fine set of instrumental loops into a proper production joint.

either way, its going to be fun.

go check out the album for yourself, and should you be so inclined buy it.

more detail : here