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rock guitars + beats + samples + movie dialogue = ….

there was a time when any band that met those demands as stated in the subject line would get a lot of love from yours truly.

please stand up :

sigue sigue sputnik – – big audio dynamite – – age of chance – – pop will eat itself – – hoodlum priest

and to a lesser extent :

emf – – jesus jones – – 25th of may

and so when the urge hit hard today to relisten to one of the aboves back catalogue a lot i realised that this seems to be one genre that’s currently being left out in the rain.

now i realise a lot of dance music, hip hop and industrial bands still use samples to some degree, but when it comes to a rock band format, i can’t think of any current bands doing this anymore.

which is a real shame as there are times you just want some big power chords, slogan heavy lyrics and some cutups from films such as bladerunner, terminator, or even west side story.

[in fact surely there has to be a whole new generation of movies to lift cyberpunk styled dialogue from].

so, now that the standard guitar band format is gasping its last breathe, and everyone rediscovers the inner joys of cheap and cheerful casio keyboards to flesh out their pop fantasies, surely it cant be too long before someone realises to reconnect the dvd player, and let it loose over the crowd pleasing anthems, and throw caution to the lawyer baiting wind with some deftly placed, recognisable samples (anyone can mangle a sample – but where is the pleasure in that).

of course, if i am missing out on a whole subculture that’s still mining this groove in ’09, then by all means point me in the right direction ..

or, is it that the whole sample clearance side to the game has effectively killed off any chance of this type of fun ever being done again, in which case how does girl talk get away with it with his overly fussy adhd infused productions ?

mark e