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ghetto priest – vulture culture




every now and then this happens.

basically, nothing hits the spot other than the mighty on-u sound system.

i can go for months and not feel anything towards the mix of f*cked up industrial dub via post punk excess, but when that switch is flicked then that’s me done for quite a few days,if not weeks.

earlier this week that switch was flicked.

due to several label relaunches, this album is one of the labels lost and forgotten classics.

however, the fact is, it’s an insanely fantastic addition to the on-u catalogue.

a massively listenable mix of dancehall, industrial noise, dub, and tunes with ghetto priest adding his mix of sweet and sour vocals to the sonic chaos.

summary : if you like the extreme sounds by the bug i.e. kevin martins collective, then this album will totally scratch that itch.

more detail : here