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the pre new : the male eunuch




i am #57 of 200.

all bias aside, this is one of the best albums of the year.

[caveat : i have not heard that many albums released in 2015, but i suspect that matters not .. ]

there are a lot of wordy analytical reviews out there of this release which describe the concepts/history/humour/chaos far better than i ever could.

instead here are some of my reactions that i feel appropriateĀ  :

anger, humour, glam stomp, discomfort, laughs, gang of four (the layered vocals of the instant classic psychedelic lies), electronic pop, mars bars, grown up rage, broken dreams, bowie, laughs, alcohol, middle age, tunes, tunes, tunes, noise and, of course, british rail (r.i.p).

fuck it.

all bias aside, i am biased.

i love this band.

i love their combined history.

i love the bands attitude towards the modern world.

i love the various elements that they combine to make a new whole.

i love that this is a band of old men and new men (a definite unique factor that is rarely commented upon) where both the old and the new share common opinions.

i love the fact that they clearly enjoy making the music they do.

basically, the pre new are the ultimate post-post whatever pop band there is in 2015.

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