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richard h. kirk : fear (no evil)




back in the 00s i ended up on a few mailing lists.

some were great, ninja tune, $tateside/emi etc.

many were not so great.

but there was one that really hit the spot.

a small unknown label in sheffield….

and the reason was all down to one 12" single that they managed to release.

the label was dust science.

the home of a revised version of the black dog collective.

the gang were massive fans of cabaret voltaire, and somehow they persuaded the mighty richard h. kirk  to hand over 4 tracks from his archive for a very special 12" release.

and it was this release that i got on cd-r from the label that kickstarted my revised love affair with techno.

to this day this ep is still one of the best things i ever was privileged to hear cos of my crappy blog.

the beats, the quickfire samples, the bleeps, the sheer addictiveness of the machine noise never fails to hit the spot.


more detail : heredust scienceds vs irlm