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on–u sound vs cabaret voltaire : code



given my love for cabaret voltaire and the mighty on-u sound system, imagine how excited i was when i found out that both parties were collaborating for an album.

in 1987 the album, code, was released.

of course, i loved everything about it.

the combination of cabaret voltaires love for cut up chaos, and adrian sherwoods love of extreme drum and bass tweaks amongst the mix of machine and human generated noise, hit the spot for my battered ear drums.

also, the cassette only remixes, (cassingles!) were truly epic.

not only that, but bill nelson was involved, and mark brydon.

basically, this was a supergroup for the northern underground electronically enhanced elite.

needless to say the album fell on deaf ears, meaning that cabaret voltaire went off to chicago and dived headfirst into the new acid house scene and became even more ‘commercial’, and of less relevance.

subsequently, code has never had the expanded remastered love.

thankfully it matters not, as the original cd sounds fantastic, and several of the remixes have featured on various compilations.

still, i genuinely believe this is one of the great albums of the late 80s.


more detail : here