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dave gahan and the soulsavers : angels and ghosts



as suggested before, this is easily the album of 2015 for me.

i should be upfront and explain that i have loved the soulsavers experience for years.
from their early doors mixtape excess (still the best mixtape series i have heard), through the early studio experimental trip hop times, to the neo gospel grooves that they have settled into.

this album is a continuation of the music they have made with mark lanegan, and josh haden : the church moods, the choirs, the lyrics re souls and death,
but as a fan, i love the continuation and single mindedness of this approach.

after all, would i really want a soulsavers album to sound like major lazer !?

so, for this album it’s a case of : late night moods, lyrics re angels and graves mixing with fractured pianos, treated choral parts, and the fantastic vocals of dave gahan, resulting in one of the most beautiful late night listens i have heard in a long long time.

well, since the last soulsavers album basically.

biased me ?

of course i am, but this album really is all that and more.

more detail : here