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todays task : complete.

the dandy warhols catalogue ripped into the digital archive.
while they piss a lot of people off with their relatively minimal sonic template, and love of puns, i cannot help but succumb to their easy on the ear psych/drone indie grooves.
i can go for months/years and not want to hear courtney taylor-taylors sardonic drawl, but today in the car (possibly the best place to listen to the band as you can’t pay too much attention), they hit the spot nicely, so felt time to add them to the pile.

other parts of the day : herbie hancock, slipknot, and a crappy arthur baker breaks mix from years ago that i don’t think i have ever listened to all the way through (and today i remembered why !), alan parsons project, nine inch nails

as for tomorrow ?

only time will tell.