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harmonic 313 ep1

one of the best parts of 2007 was when ireallylovemusic hq suddenly tuned back into the groove of detroit styled techno.
the purity and depth of the technology made music made for a refreshing change from grotty guitars and thus the playlist for far too long was dominated by releases on dust science, richard h kirk compilations, and of course a chunk of old warp classics.
subsequently, one of my biggest hopes is to continue with this rediscovered love.
with this in mind, you can therefore imagine the joy when this new 5 track ep by mark pritchard, under his new pseudo, harmonic 313, arrived kicking off the new year game plan in fine style.
the music is basic, stripped back electronic excellence.
mean and moody low slung hip hop beats do battle with big fat sqelchy analogue patches, on top of which are old school speak-n-spell samples, and, during track 3, there’s an unnerving cinematic dark ambience applied, giving the listener a similar desirable chill factor that old john carpenter soundtracks once did.
to make the whole project more fun, the sleeve art doesn’t give the track listing in a normal form, but in a colour code (the decoder is provided should you have a spare few minutes).
i could spoil the game and provide the all the decoded details – but surely that’s all part of the fun(k).
apparently, the reason for this slab of futuristic gorgeousness being branded as ep1 is all down to the fact that mark intends for this new voyage to continue, with the release of more eps and possibly even an album with added vocals, a direction that concerns me, as to be honest, i prefer this type music to be devoid of any such unnecessary extras.
in the meantime, this ep will do very nicely thank you.
more detail : here