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bodyrox – feat luciana – what planet you on

captains log : december 18th 2007
full on party season.
the world is being over run by the need to shout along to fucking slade records under the disco glitter ball once again. thankfully though the opening week of the new year sees bodyrox release their new single, the grammatically incorrect, what planet you on.
comprising of a thrusting slice of bouncy electro dance music, put together by jon pearn and nick bridges, this 3 minutes of compressed synthetics also happens to involve gobby txt speak vocals from attitude pumped up luciana. the vocal hooks are madly catchy, the lyrics as shallow as a learners swimming pool, and the video to corny for words (umm girl sitting on planet gesticulating to the viewer about ‘i dont know what planet you’re on’ only to then end up sliding on rocket ship with you) but i’ll be damned if i can’t deny its a brilliant slab of disposable pop.
hence i urge you to make this number one for months, and let’s fuck off all those x-factor sanctioned drippy ballads forever.
thank you.
video : here
more detail : here