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Is that sunshine I can see !?

I realise that I’ve not posted anything here for a while, that’s probably because I have been busy having a life! Which feels weird.

Bascially, I went to a gig. A very rare event in 2005 for ireallylovemusic. But, Mark Stewart and the Mafia played a hometown gig in Bristol last week for the opening night of the rather fine Venn Festival, featuring Gravenhurst and Acid Mothers Temple in the warmup session, and, it was quite awe inspiring. Especially considering that i have never been a big fan of the mans distorted, white-noise screams and yelps, but as the band was the full deal (ie TACK>>HEAD), there was no way i could stay at home with that lot in town could I ?

So, now we are on the countdown for Glastonbury, planning birthday surprises for my second born, and spinning the new CLOR album on rotation. Hopefully this album wont get worn out like the Tom Vek one did, which after 3 days I came to realise that Tom’s production style was annoying me more than I was prepared to let it, which is a shame as there are some cracking tunes, just that it’s not an easy album to have pumped through the headphones without having to reach for the paracetomal. So far, however, CLOR seem to have managed to bridge the gap between mid-80’s pop and nu-era funkiness in fine manner. As well as the Hits (which have been revisited) there is a track called Dangerzone that just drips with excess cool.

other recent notables : fbc fabric and reindeer, one self album, overseer, junkboy new album, the new herbaliser album (reviewed!), and even the new Coldplay album from time to time.


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