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late of the pier – space and the woods (south central bootleg)

wherever i wander around the blog world there are folks all over the place mentioning late of the pier.
unfortunately can’t give any details re that lot, as i have no idea, but hidden away in my archive is a white label, little info cd-r with south central bootleg stamped all over it.
i suspect that mysterious south central setup has connections with the fascinating  art/goes/pop institution, but of course i have no proof, other than south central also remixed that excellent kill the young track, by we are the birds and the bees we are the telephone trees that was released on art/goes/pop.
anyway, the remix is another of those distorted fucked up electro mish mash beasts, some cracking noise, and a fine slab of electronic funk that i suspect you will probably enjoy more than me.
more detail : south central – – art/goes/pop