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stuff for a stormy tuesday

been a quiet day.

not a lot has happened.

though i happened upon a mention of mixmaster morris on one message board which sent my grey cells into overdrive and resulted in me digging out my 1994 ambient collection when i went, for 12 months, without hearing any rock music.

it was all about chilling out and collecting Pete Namlook releases.

so i dropped a few of the soundscapes while working and it was nice. especially during the colourful sunset that makes my view when working from home.

then after an hour or so, severe boredom hit.. i needed a beat. i needed to feel connected to the world again. i needed to hear the human voice declaring anger or love to a funky groove.

back to Mr Scruff/Solid Steel i went and immediately felt re-energised.

other tunes :

+ Company Flow -should hear this album more, so dark and dense. never gave it the time it needed.

+ The High Strung – about to get a uk release – more fine garage/60’s style rock-n-roll beat combo tunes .. done well. a real band album without the emotional turmoil a la libertines.

+ muggs – dust – damn this one i enjoyed. cypress hill sound man goes solo and makes something that completely eradicates any requirement for Da Hill. dark, melodic, intense, brooding. very good.

my Inbox has, once again, been filled with stuff re the Kerrang! awards .. but i cant allow myself to get too excited. especially as the presenter is none other than ex-stereophonics drummer dude.

live the life.
mark e.