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devo – beautiful world

many many years ago, a certain innocent 16 year old travelled from the depths of the yorkshire dales to the heart of miami.
the trip was rather eventful in several eye opening ways, especially as the journey was undertaken on my own, and involved pervy flashers on the london underground,  brick shithoused crewcut beasts on their way to some military base, and my first introduction to the gun culture of america.
during my 3 week stay in the sublime suburbs, the family i was staying with knew of my love of music, so took me to a record shop.
i have little recollection of the actual shop, other than being overawed as to the selection on offer, but after an hour or two, i came away with the following albums :
thomas dolbyblinded by science – a collection of remixed versions of singles.
the art of noisewho’s afraid of the art of noise  – in a very different cover to the normal ztt version, and since sold to a hardcore ztt collector, well, i say sold, exchanged a for a couple of ninja tune t-shirts (subtle clue !), and finally :
devo : q:are we not men? a: we are devo, and new traditionalists
i have absolutely no idea what made me get the devo albums as i had never heard any of the music, perhaps the records were cheap (always a good indicator of me parting with my cash), or perhaps it was down to the brilliant coverart. something that we didn’t get on the uk version of the album. i mean seriously, the usa version of the debut got a classic pop-art cartoon artwork, and instead the uk got a cheap and nasty video still image. i never did understand why the uk releases were repackaged in such a poor manner as opposed to the far superior american versions.
thankfully, all that is pushed to one side as soon as the needle hits the records.
the bands debut is, by far, one of the best records of all time. the art-new wave sound (produced by brian eno), the addition of scratchy synths, and those songs !
even now after all those years of spinning the record, the album still sends me into severe pleasure zones.
the late era album new tradionalists was when the band had stepped away from the urgent new wave guitars and smoothed out their gameplan with synths and less lyrical madness, with even an air of melancholy appearing from time to time.
unfortunately, by now, the band were regarded as a one hit wonder, the overplayed but still brilliant, whip it, and with all the costumes, outfits, theories of devolution etc were never given the time of day by the uk press. so i clung onto these albums, and never really delved any further into their archives, and in those pre internet days never really had a chance to find out more, other than catching a video for their cover of are you experienced during which a coffin on a stage opens from which a jimi lookalike levitates over the crowd. well that, and playing with the far reaching idea of sending money to devo hq for a cassette of e-z listening versions that was advertised on the inner sleeve of new traditionalists.
then yesterday i chanced upon the 2 for one issues on cd for a fiver each. the uncontrollable urge (sorry) was too much to bear, i snapped them up.
subsequently, i now have 6 albums of nerd filled, non-cool, electro pop brilliance to listen to on shiny discs, crappy packaging and everything.
so, to celebrate this new era of love from ireallylovemusic here’s the track that totally won me over all those years ago, the wonderfully simple, but yet instantly gorgeous, beautiful world from the new traditionalists album. it’s not cool, it’s not a rare remix, but damn, i love it.
mp3 : devo : beautiful world