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soulsavers news !

after an age of silence one of my faves mixtapes/downtempo groups has resurfaced with news of all sorts of action :

Live Action :

We are doing a one-off live show with Josh Haden on vocals in Barcelona on 19th November to which i’m really looking forward to. Also on the bill that night are The Tindersticks & Low.
It’s the only live show we’re doing for the “Tough Guys” record so it’s going to be a special night.

Album :

The new album is coming together really well so far. It’s gonna be much longer than the first one, at the moment it’s in four very different sections that should hopefully all fit together at the end.
We’re working with a few different people this time that i’m really excited to be working with.
The working title is “Untold Fables of The Magnificent Bastards”.
Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of January for an April release.

Mixtape :

We finally have a release date for the new mix album “Staring at the radio staying up all night”
It’s going to to finally be out at the end of this month (29th November).

It’s 2 cd’s (82 tracks) this time. About 10 or 11 of those tracks have been on the previous mixes, but that’s still 70 new tracks in this mix. It originally started out as a “Best of” mix of the other sessions for a radio show, but quickly spiraled into this mix.

excellent stuff !

mark e