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record label : sound of art to come

over the last few months i have been absolutely loving the music that has been released on a new label based in romania, sound of art to come.
label boss, studio maestro, and radio show host, andrei bucureci, has since feburary of this year, released all manner of weird alternative dubbed up reggae sounds that take in strange atmospherics among the spooked out industrial dub vibes.
several of the eps released (see bandcamp link below), feature officially sanctioned remixes of artists sush as prince fatty, transglobal underground, dub collosus, and even a cover version of the classic ‘citizen zombie‘ originally performed by the pop group, with the revised version featuring on-u sound legend, ghetto priest.
needless to say, with connections like these the results had better be worthy.
well, i am very happy to report that they are.
basslines are large, instrumentation very out there and at times genuinely unexpected i.e. traditional instruments are often thrown into the mix, all wrapped in high quality production values.
not only that, but each ep comes with some brilliant beautifully designed coverart that provides an original consistent look across all the releases.
now, after 10 years of grafting, andrei has decided to release his first proper artist album under his lil obeah moniker.
released next year on limited edition green vinyl, the album, ‘from transylvania‘ features appearances and production from his international family, as well as local studio boffin, marius costache.

basically – the discovery of this label has definitely been one of the best sonic treats of the year for me.

sound of art to come : bandcamp

lil obeah : vinyl