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ireallylovemusic vs 2020

in no particular order, here are the albums (and the odd ep), that were released in 2020 and helped me get through the boredom and chaos of last year.
of course, the biggest and most welcome surprise was the return of cabaret voltaire, and the album crafted by richard h kirk totally and utterly hit the spot for yours truly with an updated but still familiar use of old electronic toys and an excess of vocal cutups.
in fact, 2020 was the year i didn’t really hear anything ‘new’ as such, but fell back on my old reliable mainstays : the black dog, jacknife lee, double dee and steinski, dj hell, chase and status, and richie hawtin are all artists who have featured a lot in my listening habits.
even the long awaited debut album by denise sherwood was the audio equivalent of having a massive warm rug wrapped around my ears as it is an on-u sound album in all but name, featuring many of the on-u crew and gorgeous production from her father adrian of course.
still, albums by primitive ignorant, bronson, the fantastic keleketla meant i wasn’t totally on a one way trip to nostalgia town.

cabaret voltaire – shadow of fear
the black dog – fragments
jacknife lee – the jacknife lee
denise sherwood – this road
double dee and steinski – lesson 4 ep
marius circus – the computer controlled gardener/
bronson – s/t
keleketla – s/t
flying vipers – cuttings
primitive ignorant – sikh punk
dj hell – house music box past, present, no future
richie hawtin – time warps ep
chase & status – rtrn 2 fabric
nick faber presets the highways tapes
the allergies – say the word