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nick faber presents the lost highway tapes

as i have mentioned elsewhere, fabyl has become a cracking little label over the last couple of years. whether it’s old school boom bap based hip hop from bronx slang, excellent dancefloor grooves from jadell, or late night bass heavy pop from tracks haven to name but just a few.
this time however, it’s time for the label boss, nick faber to step out from the shadows and release his own album, the lost highway tapes.
coming with a full backstory re recording a roadside troubadour on a crate digging trip to america back in the 90s with the hopes to make the guitar toting storyteller a star once he came home.
the problem is that nick moved onto other adventures and so for a long time the recordings remained unloved.
that is, until he was recently reminded of them by a a more locally based busker. following this nudge, nick set about creating ‘the lost highway tapes‘.
details as to who plays and does what are very scant, so, i am just going to assume that these ten tracks of roughed up beatbox-n-blues riffs are the end result of a lot of studio time by nick, with each track then being individually represented by dan lish on the excellent cover.
the album, both sonically and lyrically, travels down well worn roads, but with end results as enjoyable as they are, then it matters not if you are reminded of such classics as zz top, and more recent uk blues-n-riffs collectives such as the heavy and little barrie.
as well as the core of nicks soulful vocals (an assumption!), blues guitar licks and funky drums, there are extra layers of sonic treats with plenty of harmonica and piano/hammond organ solos, all underpinned with some fat and warm feet shuffling bass lines.
the album is supposedly available on vinyl, but good luck tracking a copy down, so instead, as it has been posted on the labels bandcamp page, i would suggest that’s the best place to dive in and give this excellent album a digital spin.

more detail : here – – fabyl