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06/06/2019 : an update

so, before i get back into the usual flow of things i thought i’d explain a little more as to the current situation at ireallylovemusic, and why things have been so silent of late.
basically, at the end of january ’18 after 14 years working at the same place i was made redundant.
i knew it was coming, and had already made plans for the next stage of my life.
rather than jump back into the corporate world of software, i decided to be a stay at home dad for mk2 and make sure his path through his forthcoming exam chaos was as smooth and relaxed as i could provide.
subsequently, my relationship with music changed.
for 14 years music had provided the soundtrack while on the commute, and sat in front of a computer. i reckon that was the main reason for my love for machine noise a la ambient/techno, as that music is very suitable for concentration which was necessary when compiling software test scripts etc.
whereas now, that’s no longer the case.
music is now the background to my daytime home life.
also, my budget has been massively curtailed, meaning i rarely buy anything new. instead, i have been revisiting long lost corners of the archive (as well as re-ripping my archive to a full phat 320 seeing as i no longer need to be phone friendly space conscious), and reverting back to the original roots of ireallylovemusic.

if you dig around the old html site, then you may come across the old ‘mission statement’ (a thing that crappy little websites did back then).
here is the original intent when i created the site back in july 2000 : “

over the years i have scoured the second hand racks and built up a substantial collection of odds and sods. amongst the collection is a variety of styles the likes of which amazes even me. i refuse to pay the extortionate prices that the high street insist on charging and whole-heartedly recommend the little hidden away back street shops. personally i would prefer to spend £15 on 6-7 cd’s of all sorts of stuff as opposed to the latest major-label hype. amongst the collection i have recently come to realise that many of the releases are absolute classic albums which don’t deserve to get forgotten.

over the coming months i will post reviews of cd’s that i deem to be such a classic and i know for a fact that the cd is available for less than a tenner. the reviews will be plain, simple and to the point. no hype just telling you whether its worth picking up or not.

and so, that’s where things are once again, back in the charity shop/second hand groove, and i am loving it.
there is nothing better than the randomness of charity shops, and seeing as the cd is now a dead format, there are bargains galore for folks like me who still think that streaming could be troublesome when labels start to pull licences.
you cannot beat having the hard copy sat on the shelf/hidden in the attic etc once you have the music added to your digital archive.

so, once i have figured out how to post via this new wordpress malarkey (there have been a lot of techie changes in the background that hopefully cannot be noticed), i will start to throw out love re what is making the walls of ireallylovemusic hq shake,


mark e/ireallylovemusic