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blood wine or honey – loosefoot ep



second ep from this hong kong based trio featuring james banbury ( serviceav, and the brilliant dadahack ). having decamped to hong kong a few years ago to settle into a normal job after years of being an in demand session musician/strings arranger, i knew it wouldn’t be too long before the bug bit and james would have to start making music again.

a few months ago came the first fruits of his latest adventure, anxious party people ep, with superb remixes from factory floor, and preservation (ft. mike ladd).

upon hearing it i sent a message to james advising he should get the music through to giles peterson as the freaky jazz-funk grooves would probably appeal to his eclectic tastes, and sure enough the response was that giles was indeed going to feature the band on a soon to be released compilation.

building on the success of the debut ep comes this brilliant follow up.

opener track, loosefoot, is the track that most  hits the spot for me.

with its strange pharoah sanders saxophone line and beta band styled layered vocals sitting on top of a funk groove that a certain ratio would be proud of, the track is a truly addictive.

the instrumental owellian woman ducks and dives while making sure the core is indebted to the dance floor albeit in a psychedelic jazz vibe, and the extended 7 minute groove of the forest is expecting you brings back the vocals, tribal drums, and schizoid shriekback atmospherics to close the ep in epic style.

highly recommended.

more detail : here