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akira the don : 2017 : year zero v2


some old akira the don art with some assistance from his old playlouder cohort jeremy allen :


if there is anyone who has been checking out this dusty corner of the web for a while (before the blog version even was born !), then you may recall that i have had a few dealings with adam, sorry, akira the don.

so much so, that the avatar that i use on various social media sites to this day was ripped from an old adam, sorry, akira the don animated video for ‘the drinking song’.

well, now that adam, sorry, akira the don has ventured off to the sanctuary city of los angeles and picked up club based residencies like people collect bowie stamps, he has decided that he needs to scratch out his previous sonic chaos and start all over again so that newcomers to his groove don’t get overly confused.

basically, adam, sorry, akira the don is soon to delete his back catalogue.

explanation : here

therefore, if you want to hear his oh so charming uk-centric sample heavy hip-hop grooves with wordplay re woolies and old tv shows, then you have to move sharpish, 
cos the clock is a ticking.

of course, i still have my own particular archive preserved, one that even gives in comic book form adams, sorry, akira the dons first venture over stateside.

but times have changed since then.

basically, 2017 = the year of akira the don : part 2

bring it on

more detail : ireallylovemusic vs akira the don – -  official