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piano wire–get a life



back when guitars became a thing, there was a band that did not go down the usual route.

they took cramps as year zero, and threw in a ton of chaos and noise around their tunes.

that band, the eighties matchbox b-line disaster, were loved by a very dedicated inner circle of journalists and people who were lucky to see them live.

i was not one such person.

i read the reviews, i oggled at the pictures, but my life was not in the right place to understand the brilliance on offer.

then a couple of years ago i decided to jump in and get both of their major label (!!) funded albums.

bloody hell i missed out.

still, that was then, this is now.

and piano wire are all about the now.

and the connection ?

well, 2 of the main fellas from eighties matchbox have decided to have another crack at the rock and roll thing, and are now working under the groove of piano wire.

this track is the first airing of the work they did in the studio with all round hero of guitar bands, gil norton.

and as you’d expect from such a pedigree, it’s rather good.

as they used to say in the old fashioned music press re bands on the way to greater exposure : one to look out for.

more detail : here