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jacknife lee : s/t




the cover for jacknife lees third solo album was made of a thick cardboard material which was coated with a black coating that you were supposed to scratch and impose your own artwork on.

needless to say, given that i do not posses a single ounce of creativity in my body, mine was never touched !
the album was released on a major label back in 2007, however, i have never ever seen a copy out in the wild.
which given that at the time the man was producing snow patrol, u2, rem is kind of weird.

something that at the time garrett (i.e. jacknife) lee, aka the guitarist from compulsion, told me was beyond his control, as he too never saw the album available anywhere.

as for the sound : big noise dirty electro infused with massive pop tunes and massive guitars from time to time.

summary : this is an absolutely fantastic album that never fails to make me smile and feel good.

more detail
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