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gosh : blowback

well that one got posted !
so here’s some more.
you know when you wander into cool, beautifully designed clothes/record shops and think, why cant there be magazines like this.
especially free ones.
well, of course, there is : blowback.
blowback magazine is a half size magazine but still packs it all in. beautiful art and design, funked up visuals. all over the place writings and so much more, and yes in the archives are a few words here and there written by yours truly (the akira the don interview was my career highlight !)
until recently, blowback was a printed pleasure only.
however, recently they pulled their fingers and launched a proper website.
admittedly, the use of embedded frames can be a little tricky, but work with it as there is all manner of goodness on offer.
next up : drones and thrones. maybe.
mark e