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congo natty – jungle revolution in dub



tracklisting :

1) intro (feat. lee scratch perry)
2) dub souljah (dubkasm dragon slayer mix)
3) get ready vip dub (sukh knight remix)
4) nu beginningz – (jinx in dub steppa remix)
5) revolution in dub – (dj madd remix)
6) uk all stars in dub – (adrian sherwood remix)
7) intro ft. scientist
8) london dungeons dub – (young warrior remix – son of ja shaka)
9) rebel tuff like tuff gong dub – (joe ariwa remix – son of mad professor)
10) jungle is i and i – (hylu and jago future dub mix)
11) intro ft. mala
12) jah warriors in dub – (dj madd remix)
13) microchip in dub – (king yoof remix)
14) nu beginningz dubwise – (mungos hi-fi remix)
15) get ready dubwise – (vibronics remix)
16) micro dub (say no) – (conscious sounds

congo nattys’ album jungle revolution : one of the best albums of 2013 that fused old school reggae, jungle, ragga, rasta vibes and dubstep beats together, gets a full on, f*cked up dub remix version.

some of the names are familiar to me and clearly provide the big grin thrills (hello adrian sherwood ! hello mungos hi-fi ! hello ariwa ! ), but even the names i have never heard of are totally in charge of the game.

the result is one of the best old school dub albums i have heard in ages with a lot of modern styled sonic twists and turns.

throughout the album, there are a lot of political soundbites dropped into the sonic chaos, making this a fantastic throwback to when reggae was full of race rage, political power, and verbal empowerment, as opposed to the current love for booty shaking.

glorious in every way, and yet despite the intensity, the end result is massively enjoyable.

example : here

more detail : here – – ninja tune