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for a while now, there has been one sound that has dominated the ireallylovemusic sound system : axiom.

this was a label that was set up by producer/bass player, bill laswell in the late 80s with financial backing from island records.

the creative freedom that bill laswell managed to achieve is something that will probably never happen again. from the stellar line ups he managed to arrange on the labels releases, the often excellent artwork (all very stylised, often done by the brilliant james koehnline) to the often bizarre collaborations.

one minute you’re listening to a p-funk type groove,  the next deep ambient, followed by a mash of heavy metal guitars blended with manic turntablism.

after years of having my laswell/axiom collection gathering dust, it’s totally hitting the spot at the moment.  yes, a lot of the material has a certain laswell styled sheen over everything, but that’s kind of the point for me.

so with the urge kicking in, i picked up the herbie hancock/laswell albums future shock and sound-system last week.

i originally bought them on cassette back when they were released (83/84!), so was interested to see if i would still like them as i have not been able to hear them in over 20 years.

well, i am pleased to report, they sound absolutely amazing in their remastered form, with certain tracks hitting harder now than they ever did.

they are a very welcome re-addition to the archive.

i reckon this groove could stick around for quite a while longer.