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young gods : t.v sky



bloody hell.

this album is seriously immense.

story :
the young gods toured this 1992  album and me and bh got tix.
the stage was hidden by some heavy duty curtains (not a common thing for the leeds university riley hall) and so, the whole band set up was somewhat hidden from the masses.
bh and myself were stood quite a way back, and near us, were a few old school tattoo’d up biker sorts having a good night.
then the curtains were pulled back.
the stage set consisted of one big keyboard and a drum kit.
the biker crew looked at each other with puzzled faces.
the band then came on and let loose with their hendrix samples and noise, and all was good.
however, it was clear that some people were expecting a proper rock band, not a chunk of well sourced samples.

as i said, this album is immense.