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the freelance hellraiser vs lily allen


for some strange reason, i feel at odd with the rest of the music loving world.
evidence of my current dilemma is now posted in the usual place : here
however, here’s the deal in a nutshell :
i love the freelance hellraiser album, ‘waiting for clearance’, and dislike the lily allen album, ‘alright, still’.
i realise that i am doing a u-turn from my previous postings about lily, but damn, i’m allowed.
so with that in mind, can i post details for a forthcoming event that if i were so lucky, i would love to attend.

why the urge to attend?

well, jacknife lee is a man whose path i have been interested in for quite a while, and so i’d love to check out his dj skills as i reckon anyone with the cv like his, is going to play some pretty full on tracks, after all, compulsion > jacknife lees solo albums > u2 is quite a path.
not forgetting the sarah nixey appearance !
someone go and report back.
mark e