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white witches – secret club


saving the best till last (for today).

this dark glam brilliance is the first release from white witches, a band i have been wanting to hear for many years due to tip offs and whisperings.

you see the glammed up facepainted guitarist that you see in the video is called jeremy allen.

jeres, as he used to be known, used to be part of the playlouder (r.i.p) crew.
a well funded collective that was as bad tempered and foul mouthed as yours truly.

it’s no wonder i virtually lived on their site while it was up and running.

anyway, jeres, and jeres alone, turned my glastonbury ‘05 experience into a whole new level of booze fuelled wtf’-ness, and then later as part of the akira the don live band provided many an hour of pop rap entertainment.

so, when he told me about this crew a few years back, and the fact it involved the ex-lead singer from pink grease, rory lewarne, i was somewhat keen to hear the final result.

then the fucker sobered up, moved to paris, and as far as i realised, that was that.

i waited. i hinted. i waited.

and then today, the payload dropped.

the wait was genuinely worth it.

an urgent, post excess,late night sleazy glam noise.

a bastard child of suede vs kiss video, a flying v guitar, and an unexpected mid section dr pablo-esque hamornica breakdown, before the audience submits to the bands deathly charms.

secret club is the lead track from the bands debut ep, which is now available via the link below at a ‘pay what you can be arsed to’ option.

however, i am not sure the impact is quite as delicious without the makeup.

more detail : here