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old ghosts come back : FAX and joy zipper

it’s mad what some people take down to their local charity shop
now, i fully understand how good stuff ends up in the bins of charity shops in student areas, but i live in the middle of nowhere, a place where coldplay are the cutting edge. so imagine my shock and downright excitement when i chanced upon a mint copy of Pete Namlooks ‘namlook 2’ album. released way back in 93 (ish) on the genre defining FAX  label, namlook 2 is a live recording (as were all the namlook x albums i seem to recall), in which 74 minutes of the usual electronic noises, swooshes and such, are made under the banner ‘the dutch side of the milky way’.
now, if you like me, have a secret stash of FAX releases waiting for that pension cash-in day, then you will know that golden era FAX cds are rather collectable on well known auction sites as the originals were released in limited (1000) copies, the ultimate ‘gotta catch em all‘ situation
so i was rather chuffed. however, despite not having time nor inclination to jump into 74 minute drones and random white noises again like its 1994 all over again, i decided to try this out. and woe betide me, it’s rather lovely stuff, especially when one has to work and needs something to sooth the brain.
thankfully my original addiction for “ambient crack” lasted a little over 12 months, and in that time i amassed quite a FAX collection i must say. maybe with my current love for all things dogsquad, richard h. kirk related i should completely devolve and just get the dusty box out of the archive and forget all about chords-n-guitars and begin to lie down again when listening to music. after all, a change is as good as a rest.
like i said, it’s mad what some people take down to their local charity shop – so look carefully.
in other news : word has reached me that joy zipper have decided to crack on with recording a new album and not bother releasing last years ‘the heartlight set’ in america, as this would mean that they would continue to be one album out of date in certain areas of the world (ie usa), so jump on those import copies as the album is a perfect set of songs that do have several chords and melodies.
even more news : reviews for the new sonic youth, boykillboy, and being 747 albums have been posted in the usual place.
now – please forgive me if i go quiet for a while – i need to respect the silence
mark e