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d/r/u/g/s – how to build a nuclear reactor




track list :

1. how to build a nuclear reactor
2. arise
3. rainbow cannon
4. fara
5. monument
6. triga
7. you and me not we
8. ring of endless light
9. lykke li – sadness is a blessing (d/r/u/g/s remix)
10. lana del ray – blue jeans (d/r/u/g/s remix)

a rather wonderful 10 track mixtape,  how too build a nuclear reactor, by machine loving d/r/u/g/s has just been released to the wire.

featuring remixes and unreleased tracks, this collection is highly recommended for those who like to loose themselves in a dark room to a soundtrack of deep wall shaking basslines, hands in the air vibes, fractured vocals, and melodies that lift the soul.

mixtape : here

more detail : here