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the jim jones revue : bristol october 21st


well, what a night this turned out to be.

for reasons documented elsewhere, apart from the odd festival, i have had to step out of the live music scene for a long long time. however, now that my personal life has settled i recently realised i had an urge to see a live band.

just which live band would be the first ?

as it turned out, i picked  a very good’un, but first there was the small matter of the support acts.

after a mad dash around some hidden corners of bristol, i eventually found the venue just in time to see the locally based opening act, radio nasties. a fresh faced three piece band that play good old fashioned, clean cut garage infused rock-n-roll ( a la michael j. fox in back to the future). despite the lack of any releases, the lead singer has more confidence, rock moves, and crowd friendly swagger than any band i have seen in ages, and with the bands love for a swinging beat, they soon got the crowd in a feel good vibe.

the happy mood was soon dispelled however with the next band – honkeyfinger.

having cleared the stage of the previous bands set up, two chairs were placed centre stage, along with a couple of guitars, and a single drum.

after which two heavily coiffured ex-art student hobbo’s stepped up, quietly sat down and then proceeded to scare the bejeus out of the sunday evening masses.

while one guy settled into long drawn out distorted drones from his guitar, the other hit a simple beat via his foot, and then proceeded to layer more noise from his lap guitar while then screaming into his microphone (again with more phasing/distortion for an extra dose of ear shredding).

once the nerves had settled, it became apparent that the duo were basically taking the blues and giving the form a serious shafting. i.e. beefheart via the extremes of my bloody valentine.

the overall experience was truly mesmerising, leading me to pick up their debut album at the merchandise stall. unfortunately, the recordings have no real bearing on the live noise, as the studio versions are a solo affair and don’t have the extra guitar drones. which being honest were the real reason my attention was held throughout the performance.

still, one to watch out for if the guys can recreate the live intensity on record.

and so to the main event.

jim jones and his gang took to the stage.

looking like some tooled up bank robbers (and one left over ramone on bass) the last gang in town hit the stage and let rip with 90 minutes of punked up rock-n-roll that pumped the blood and frayed the soul.

in this day and age of polite , the command that jim jones has over his audience is quite unique. with his hybrid mick-n-david via a dose of iggy moves, jim prowled the stage physically leaning over into the audience to make as much eye to eye contact he could, not to intimidate but to connect (he was constantly complaining re the lighting as he wanted to see the audience).

if you have heard any of the bands records then you know what to expect : growl vocals being backed up by the tightest band doing the rounds.

in the flesh, it’s basically a case of piano enhanced jerry lee lewis styled rock-n-roll vs the noise of brmc.

by the end of the gig the crowd was totally enthralled, and joining in wholeheartedly with the call-n-response demands that form a major part of the bands old school oeuvre.

intense and yet groovesome in the extreme.

if you ever get a chance to experience the jim jones revue live, then i cannot recommend them highly enough.

easily one of the best gigs i have ever been to.


as i said, what a night this turned out to be.

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