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pointer #3 : madeaux – karma in reverse



now this is special.

a mysterious email with no detail other than a link to a soundcloud.

the very sight of the waveform immediately had me interested as this was obviously not just a mass of brickwalled sonic excess and as soon as i hit play i knew i wanted to hear more.

so, you dig a little deeper only to find a deep collection of 3 other tracks, and of course a facebook page.

drawing from a well of inspiration (aka sample sources) such as the weeknd, fever ray and old trip hop groove makers, smoke city the music has a self defined explanation as : ‘chopped and screwed electronic soul. underwater pop music’

well, i’m sold.

deep sonics, heart string melodies.

surely it’s only a matter of time that lana del ray comes a calling for a remix.

more detail : here