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krush – house arrest (megamix)




i have been wanting to sort this out for ages, so after the extended radio silence of late, i thought it good to come back with something rather special.

if you are of a certain age then you may recall that this blend of underground dance music and out right pop hit certain dance floors hard.

also, it appears that nobody out there has posted the megamix version that was only ever released on cassette, so here it is.

released back in 1987 with a designer republic designed cover that totally linked up with their work for age of chance, on sheffield based fon records, it was a monster of a release for yours truly.

all the more so as this 19 minute 38 second mix (i seem to have a memory that a single had to be under 20 minutes in order to qualify for chart positioning hence the format stretching length) was on both sides of the tape meaning it was just perfect for those mad dashes into leeds and back, with no need to do any of the time wasting rewinding/fast forwarding.

clearly the chicago acid house sound was a massive influence, especially in the final section of the mix when the love of simple bleeps, cut up vocals, and handclap happy drum machines comes to the fore.

apologies for the lack of hi-fi conversion techniques, but hey, when you have to link up an old school boombox and use the headphone output socket, then this is as good as it gets basically.

after all, even in this nu-era, i’d still rather jack than fleetwood mac ….


mp3 : krush – house arrest (megamix)