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overloaded ..

ok. the music industry holiday season is deffo over.

my poor postie .

list of up and coming sounds that i need to spread the love on :

bronze age fox. hurray .. dont have to spin the shaped singles anymore .. i can listen to this comp of all their output.
the vacation – more garage rock-n-roll. should i like this as much as i do ?
the mutts – see words for the vacation .. applies here as well.
home video – citiizen ep – new stuff on warp that has songs and tunes. and sounds very grey.
the koreans – fine blast of electro-rock .. has grown on me ..
subtle – FKO – new stuff from anticon people coming out on Lex
gravenhurst – its a mood thing. good jobs its autumn ..
sixtoo/blockhead – new sounds to celebrate the guys visiting these shores for a tour ..

and finally ..

te motherfockin’ Scaramanga Six return with a new album .. none of you will have heard of them. well now you have. remember the name. check the website and glare at their ugly mutts, cos trust me, you need to be made aware of this scary bunch.

oh, and for those party grooves i have posted words on the new nextmen mixtape that is in the shops at the moment .. usual place.

onwards !
mark e