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the pre new : do you like my new hair? (saint etienne mix)




proving the the pre new gang are on course to make 2012 a good’un here is the latest missive prior to the band releasing their debut album.

released today via itunes is a new version of their recent track, do you like my new hair? remixed by saint etienne.

saint etienne have transformed the melancholy tinged original into a full on disco monster with banks of analog sounding synths underpinning the groove while james fry, the bands current ‘house vocalist’, lays down his sardonic vocals urging listeners to text him, sms him, m.r.i him, pacify him, and even mdma him, amongst various other such eyebrow raising directives.

yet again proving that like a good wine, some things do get better with age.

all of which makes me want an album. and it seems that my wish is to be granted, as the band have released some detail as to the next stage of their plans for world domination, that’s if the world is still in existence.

according to the press release, the album has been given the provisional title ‘music for people who hate themselves’ and will be released via the bands own label, pre war black ghetto.

in the meantime if you fancy a slice of gorgeously embittered electro pop then hit the link and soak up the excellence.

more detail : here – – INTERVIEW