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maroon town – urban myths

track listing :

ya ya (lemme tell dem)
latin moshpit
bella cosa
are you ready?
watermalon man
innocent mind
clarendon calling

maroon town are a well established, hard gigging 9 piece ska fused band that travel the world and play virtually every festival going, meaning that when it comes to making an album, the gang have their groove locked down tight.

their latest album, urban myths, is coming out via those good people at rockers revolt, and is a wonderful sounding blast of sunshine friendly ska, with a cheeky slice of latin flavour for a little unexpected extra audio goodness.

pumping grooves, skanking guitars, horns blast and crowd friendly call-response vocals means this is proper party music that will easily get a crowd up and ready for a good time.

but, embedded within the happy vibes there is an edge.

like the best of the 2-tone era, it’s clear that from their travels, maroon town have been influenced by the social injustices of the world, giving some of the lyrical content a welcome bite, most clearly indicated by the use of the ‘free at last’ vocal snippet by martin luther king in the opening track.

alongside the jump-n-pump originals is a listener pleasing cover: a stretched out ska’d up dub retake on the jazz classic, watermelon man, which may be one of the most covered tracks in the history of music, but this version is guaranteed to get a crowd smiling and rocking.

all of which makes this a lovely album to drop on the stereo/mp3 player and just kick back and soak it all up.

more detail : maroon town – – rockers revolt