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ireallylovemusic vs 2010

just in case you haven’t had enough lists.

in no particular order, other than the fact nothing comes close to the genius that is hide by foetus, here are some albums that were released in the last 12 months that hit the ireallylovemusic playlist and were enjoyed.

more than 10, but less than 20.

best album of the year :

foetus : hide

the rest

grass cut : 1 inch and 1/2 mile
gorillaz : plastic beach
devo : something for everybody
lcd soundsystem : this is happening
lindstrom & christabelle : real life is no cool
unkle : where did the night fall
the tivoli vs cabaret voltaire : national service rewind
grand mal : clandestine songs
walls : s/t
trentemoller – into the great wide yonder
roots manuva vs wrongtom – duppy writer
african headcharge – visions of a psychedelic africa
mothboy : bunny
coco electrik : white ink

commercially available mixes

michael mayer : immer 3
king cannibal : the way of the ninja


as you can see, the list of wants i posted nearly 12 months ago didn’t exactly happen did it ?

in fact not one of the albums i was really looking forward to was released (one of them has been shelved meaning it will never see its rightful place in the ireallylovemusic archive), while on-u sound only really sorted out stuff that had already been released in japan for the uk market.

let’s just hope 2011 makes amends.

stay tuned.