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the boy least likely to – christmas special



track listing

the christmas waltz
a happy christmas baby
blue spruce needles
little donkey
christmas isn’t christmas
the wassail song
jingle my bells
george and andrew
in the bleak midwinter
i can’t make it snow
the first snowflake


so, i wake up, and as predicted by the relevant people on the gogglebox, ireallylovemusic hq is at last covered in snow.

the temperature is arctic, and despite the fact it’s not even december, i know there is only one album in the pile i want to listen to.

having played the phil spector and girls aloud xmas albums to within an inch of my patience, it’s time for a new crimbo fave, and you know, this newly released collection by the one band who make twee music enjoyable, the boy least likely to have amassed previously released one-off specials, a couple of traditional ditties, and some all new tracks, and have immediately hit the top spot on the seasonal playlist.

combining cheeky nudge nudge wink wink humour, jingle my bells, (“i’ll jingle yours, if you’ll jingle mine”), banjos, recorder solos, and all manner of sing along choruses, this album is a proper little cracker, with the wizzard-esque glam stomp a happy christmas baby being my own highlight (AN EXCESS OF sleigh bells ARE EMBEDDED in the mix THROUGHOUT THE 11 TRACKS of course).

with an all important call out to previous pop masters wham!, the delicate electro pop groove of george and andrew, this is a heart warming listen providing all within listening distance a warm fuzzy glow.

all of which means that until 1st jan ’11, and for every month of december from here on, this album is highly recommended

more detaiL : HERE