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psychonauts – wild in your eyes (original promo version)

many years ago, you know like 2003, i was digging around in the promo bin of a record shop in bristol (r.i.p : all of them), and chanced upon a 2 track cd-r of psychonauts featuring fear is real, and wild in your eyes. i knew of the psychonauts due to their involvement with mowax, and that they had sorted out a megamix of mowax material. naturally, i picked up the promo.

i think i listened to it once or twice and then left it unloved until a year later i fell for the whole electroclash thing as the lead track was very much in line with all that cold synth and disconnected vocals as provided by siobhan fahey.

since then, i have kept an eye out on the various movements of the people involved with the psychonauts project as pablo, aka 'psychopab',  ended up doing some excellent mixtapes involving such folks as dj format, the soulsavers, free association, and his time with unkle of course.

fast foward to last year when i chanced upon a mint copy of their album, songs for creatures. i seemed to recall that the album never really got that much attention due to its protracted creation, but i decided to add it to the archive.

however, it must have been case of bad timing as i don't think i ever really got past track 3, empty love. something about the whole nitzer ebb groove of the track just didn't sit well with me (the fact it was released on dj hells label probably meant that the lads felt obliged to add a thumping ebm track to the proceedings), so i would just hit the eject and go back to whatever was the order of the day.

so why is that today i dug out the old promo and relistened to the lost b-side, wild in your eyes ?

no idea, but i'm bloody glad i did, as it's an epic track, and very much in line with the current demands for drawn out synthetic disco grooves.

starting out with random bleeps and ambience, the track morphs over 5 and a half minutes during which time it waves at future sound of london styled digital techno, before a flute solo comes in and goes all smooth jazz on you. basically, if this had been released a few months ago by a certain norwegian producer then the blog wires would have been rattling with serious intensity.
this revelation made me then dig out the album and give it another go.

whoa. did i miss out !

apart from the aforementioned empty love track which sticks out like a sore thumb, it's fantastic.
with a good mix of complimentary guest vocals, brooding electro enhanced bassline throbs and guitars, it means that a lot of the album is very much the missing jigsaw piece between the epic productions of nu-balearic heroes a mountain of one (a band pablo has been involved with), and the electro goth dance of unkle, albeit via hot blood with its bassline ripped straight from the mutant funk of papas got a brand new pigbag.
of course, this lead me to do the discogs/google thing only to discover that the album was re-released recently in a revised form.
as well as the new cover (which is truly awful), remastering etc, wild in your eyes has been slipped into the track listing, apparently to make the album more in line with the bands true wishes. let's just hope that this time the album gets the attention it truly deserves now that the hangover re their mowax  association has evaporated.

now, i have no idea if the version i'm posting is the same as the final cut on the revised album, but hey, it's a good'un so kick back for a few and just soak it up.

electronic bleeps-n-throbs and a flute solo – what more could you ever want in life ?

mp3psychonauts – wild in your eyes

more detail : here