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flykkllr : exclusive remix


time for an update on the band known as flykkllr.

[note for the confused : flykkiller is dead. long live flykkllr]

the second album is done and dusted.

so, to celebrate this happy (and patiently awaited) event, ireallylovemusic has got a rather special teaser to remind you why their particular brand of electronic dance weirdness is still featured so often on the playlist.

taking the flykkiller track from the bands debut, experiments in violent light, the bands musical guru, stephen hilton, has ripped out the guts of the source, and strapped a big old rave-n-bleepy to patis twisted tales of ethically questionable science experimentation.

the results from this surgical overhaul are now online for all to fear and hear.

more details re flykkllr to be confirmed as and when deemed appropriate.

mp3 : flykkllr : flykiller (remix)

more detail : here